Mother & Daughter Bond

Early in 2010 nine-year-old Candice Murphy, from Leeton in rural NSW began feeling a tingling sensation in one hand. Soon she was unable to open the refrigerator, and as the feeling spread she lost the ability to ride a bicycle and before long she was bound to a wheelchair. For the past 6 years, Candice has battled chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy, a rare nerve damaging disease.

Marianne recalls it was “terrifying” when they realised the extent of Candice’s condition and there’s “no words that can describe how traumatic it was at the beginning” dealing with the news and coming to Sydney for the first time for her treatment. “We are so grateful for everything Ronald McDonald House Randwick has done. It has helped with finances, it has helped with the emotional struggle and we're able to see each other and be together." Spending time with other families and forming relationships with those that understand your situation is invaluable and "you realise you are not alone going through this”. 

The Murphy’s come to Sydney every 2 weeks for clinical appointments at Sydney Children's Hospital and Candice is doing really well. “She is beautiful and thriving,” Marianne says lovingly looking her daughter "but I'm hoping that one day we will find a cure". A mother’s love will always be unconditional. Marianne believes illness creates a deeper bond, one that herself and Candice cherish having been through it together. Candice responds “She is everything to me, a best friend and is so kind hearted”

Marianne and Candice Murphy are happy to be spending Mother’s Day together at home.