What is Workplace Giving?

Employee Workplace Giving donations are given through payroll in a pre-tax manner. You receive an instant tax refund with no need to keep receipts or wait until making your annual tax return claim.

Ronald McDonald House provides you with the opportunity to reach out to your work colleagues and come together as a team to help keep seriously ill children and their families together.

Why Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving donations provide a constant and stable income stream, helping Ronald McDonald House and the families of seriously ill children who we assist.
Workplace Giving involves little or no fundraising costs to Ronald McDonald House, so your donations are able to go directly to our core mission, accommodating families of seriously ill children, so sick kids can have their families close by at all times.

Workplace Giving is a cost and time effective way for companies and individual employees to support Ronald McDonald House through a trustworthy and easy to implement program. It is not administration resource heavy nor does it require a great deal of time or commitment which is especially beneficial in a busy work environment.
You are able to make donations in an efficient and tax-effective manner.

How do I sign up?

Whether you're a company or an individual, we suggest contacting us below and we can sign you up to our secure Workplace Giving platform. 

Prefer not to sign up online? You can always download our Workplace Giving form and return it to the contact details listed.