City 2 Surf 2016

Let's hear from one of last year's runners, Adriaan ter Horst. He was our top fundraiser in 2016 and raised over $2,000 with his employer matching his efforts. What an amazing achievement!

How did you hear about Ronald McDonald House Randwick?

A number of my friends and family have benefited from the care and services provided at Ronald McDonald Houses in the Netherlands and the UK so it was a small step from these to know about the Randwick house. My wife has also recently started as a volunteer in Randwick.

Why did you choose Ronald McDonald House Randwick as your charity of choice?

Seeing the support and benefit it gives families first hand was enough for me to choose Ronald McDonald House Randwick. Having two healthy boys of my own means I haven’t needed to use your services but it does make me realise what a fantastic service it is for those who need it. 

Have you participated in the City2Surf before and are you excited? It’s coming up really soon.

No, never! Very excited to take part and also a little nervous. I’m aiming to run it in under one and a half hours but may be underestimating the people traffic and heartbreak hill!

What fitness tips do you have? / How are your training for the event?

Start training early! Before this, I hadn’t really run for 15 years or more. When I started my knees had a bit of trouble coping but they have had the time to adjust over the last few weeks and months.


Don’t forget to donate! And come down to the course on Sunday and help me and other runners along with your support :)